Suyat, Phillips & Garosshen Among Early Venetian 2022 Championship Poker Series Winners

Suyat, Phillips & Garosshen Among Early Venetian 2022 Championship Poker Series Winners

Venetian Suyat, Phillips & Garosshen

The Venetian 2022 Championship Poker Series kicked off back on May 2 and is slated to run through July 31. During that time the 133-event series will offer more than $22 million in guaranteed prize pools.

Some players to capture titles thus far include Evan Shaughnessy (Event #13: $400 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty for $,6038), Dorian Rios Pavon (Event #28: $600 NLH Monster Bounty for $43,549), and Gary Blackwood (Event #53: $600 NLH Monster Stack for $18,156).

Below is a look at some other big winners from the series, which through the first 60 events has catered to a combined 7,794 entries and awarded $4,255,754 in prize money.

Josh Suyat Wins Monster Stack

Josh SuyatJosh Suyat

Back on May 28, Event #37: $600 NLH Monster Stack attracted 532 entries and offered up a $269,724 prize pool to the top 54 finishers. Among those to earn a cash but fall short of the final table were Paul Radford (11th – $4,046), Chad Himmelspach (14th – $3,372), Bryan Piccioli (17th – $2,832), Blake Whittington (20th – $2,428), David Larson (22nd – $2,158), and Qing Liu (30th – $1,618).

In the end, Hawaii’s Josh Suyat bested France’s Chris Marcadet in heads-up play to claim the trophy and a $54,108 top prize.

Event #37 Final Table Results

PlacePlayerHometownPrize 1Josh SuyatKahului, HI$54,108 2Chris MarcadetFrance$36,790 3Cory SkolnikLas Vegas, NV$26,028 4Joseph LamHenderson, NV$18,611 5Joon KimLas Vegas, NV$14,026 6Charles PhillipsHuntersville, NC$10,519 7Kenny HuynhSewell, NJ$7,822 8Cedric DarrettInglewood, CA$5,934 9Chris HerrinOologah, OK$4,855

Eric Phillips Gets It Done in Event #44: $800 NLH Ultimate Stack

Eric PhillipsEric Phillips

The new month kicked off with Event #44: $800 NLH Ultimate Stack, a tournament that attracted 525 runners and offered up a $362,250 prize pool to the top 54 finishers.

Some familiar names to earn a cash were Joe Napolitano (11th – $5,434), Terry Fleischer (14th – $4,528), Keith Morrow (20th – $3,260), Wai Kit Yu (38th – $1,992), Fernando Brito (45th – $1,922), and Ben Underwood (53rd – $1,811).

Ultimately it was Eric Phillips of Glenview, Illinois defeating California’s Brandon Zuidema in heads-up play to finish as champ for $72,666.

Event #44 Final Table Results

PlacePlayerHometownPrize 1Eric PhillipsGlenview, IL$72,666 2Brandon ZuidemaFontana, CA$49,411 3Chris PaolinoDerry, NH$34,957 4John HardieFrisco, TX$24,995 5Michail KotsifisHouston, TX$18,837 6Michael RossittoItaly$14,128 7Lok ChanChina$10,505 8Bradley CoultasEstero, FL$7,970 9Mikal SmithTempe, AZ$6,521

Kevin Garosshen Wins Another Venetian DeepStack Title

Kevin GarosshenKevin Garosshen

On June 5, Event #59: $600 NLH Bounty saw 204 entrants create a $106,080 prize pool, of which $40,800 was allocated toward the bounty pool. The top 21 finishers made the money including David Larson (20th – $875), Nalin Gadhia (16th – $979), Blake Martensen (11th – $1,201), Dennis Eichhorn (6th – $2,709), and Anthony Pitesa (3rd – $7,507).

Poker pro Kevin Garosshen proved to be the victor after outlasting Jacob Mendelsohn in heads-up play. Garosshen collected the final two bounties – both his own and that of his final opponents – as well as a $17,192 top prize.

The win brought Garosshen’s lifetime tournament earnings up to $717,723 according to The Hendon Mob. His career-best score of $131,184 came when he won the 2020 HPT St. Louis Main Event, and his second-biggest score of $74,000 came back in the summer of 2019 when he took down the Venetian DeepStack Championship Poker Series Event #106: $600 NLH.

Event #59 Final Table Results

PlacePlayerHometownPrize 1Kevin GarosshenLas Vegas, NV$17,192 2Jacob MendelsohnEncinitas, CA$11,424 3Anthony PitesaLong Beach, CA$7,507 4Brandon WhitmerMonroe, OR$5,027 5Josh Frazer JamesCanada$3,623 6Dennis EichhornIrvine, CA$2,709 7James HosbroughPekin, IL$2,122 8Antonio ModacureUniversity Park, IL$1,652 9Roger FrancoAustin, TX$1,404

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Venetian 2022 Championship Poker Series Winners Thus Far

DateTournamentEntriesPrize PoolWinnerHometownPrize 2-MayEvent #1: $400 NLH Monster Bounty89$29,815Kevin WangLas Vegas, NV$7,100 2-MayEvent #2: $300 NLH Bounty58$14,500Daniel MingusDenver, CO$2,641 5-MayEvent #3: $400 NLH Ultimate Stack428$141,240Christopher BowenLas Vegas, NV$20,892 3-MayEvent #4: $300 NLH Bounty58$14,500Paul HutsonWhite Hall, AR$3,263 4-MayEvent #5: $300 NLH Bounty51$12,750Joseph KirkwoodRenton, WA$2,322 5-MayEvent #6: $400 NLH Monster Stack109$36,515Rebecca PitreGardner, MA$6,500 5-MayEvent #7: $10,000 High Roller34$340,000Vikentry ShegalRoseville, CA$136,000 6-MayEvent #8: $400 NLH Monster Stack76$25,460Michael CavanaughIndependence, KY$8,657 6-MayEvent #9: $10,000 High Roller23$230,000Michael BrinkenhoffHenderson, NV$105,800 7-MayEvent #10: $500 NLH Monster Stack100$42,500Brian BumpasLong Beach, CA$9,515 7-MayEvent #11: $15,000 High Roller4$60,000Victoria LivschitzWhitefish, MT$60,000 8-MayEvent #12: $400 NLH Senior Monster Stack117$39,195Robert GeoratoNaples, FL$11,357 8-MayEvent #13: $400 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty74$25,160Evan ShaughnessyPittsford, NY$6,038 11-MayEvent #14: $400 NLH Ultimate Stack408$134,640David TowsonLas Vegas, NV$18,051 9-MayEvent #15: $300 NLH Bounty55$13,750Mark PettSalt Lake City, UT$2,828 10-MayEvent #16: $300 NLH Bounty40$10,000Ryan BorupLas Vegas, NV$1,800 11-MayEvent #17: $400 NLH Monster Bounty96$31,160Charles DavisLas Vegas, NV$7,997 11-MayEvent #18: $300 NLH Survivor40$10,0005 WinnersN/A$2,000 15-MayEvent #19: $600 NLH Monster Stack598$303,186Frederic HellerRye Brook, NY$50,400 12-MayEvent #20: $300 NLH Survivor44$11,0006 winnersN/A$2,000 13-MayEvent #21: $300 NLH Survivor51$12,7505 WinnersN/A$2,500 15-MayEvent #22: $400 NLH Monster Stack113$37,885Christopher MarshallLas Vegas, NV$11,000 17-MayEvent #23: $400 NLH Ultimate Stack342$112,860Pablo RosSpain$24,825 16-MayEvent #24: $300 NLH Bounty59$14,750Douglas ArtusioWilmington, NC$3,320 17-MayEvent #25: $300 NLH Bounty39$10,000Kirk WilsonHenderson, NV$2,314 18-MayEvent #26: $400 NLH Monster Stack105$35,175Tiago Santos SilvaPortugal$10,552 18-MayEvent #27: $300 NLH Survivor36$10,0004 winnersN/A$2,500 22-MayEvent #28: $600 NLH Monster Bounty408$250,000Dorian Rios PavonLas Vegas, NV$43,549 19-MayEvent #29: $300 NLH Survivor49$12,2505 winnersN/A$2,450 20-MayEvent #30: $300 NLH Survivor35$10,0006 winnersN/A$2,248 22-MayEvent #31: $400 NLH Monster Stack60$25,000Siriwan SukmekerdLas Vegas, NV$6,927 25-MayEvent #32: $400 NLH Ultimate Stack361$119,130Joe NapolitanoLas Vegas, NV$21,186 23-MayEvent #33: $300 NLH Bounty29$10,000Vinicius Gomes De SouzaLas Vegas, NV$2,367 24-MayEvent #34: $300 NLH Bounty $10,000Fernando Suarez GomezSpain$2,914 25-MayEvent #35: $600 NLH Monster Bounty102$52,020Liron KedemSaratoga, CA$12,305 25-MayEvent #36: $400 NLH Survivor69$23,5987 winnersN/A$3,371 28-MayEvent #37: $600 NLH Monster Stack532$269,724Josh SuyatKahului, HI$54,108 May-22Event #38: $400 NLH Survivor62$21,2047 WinnersN/A$2,400 28-MayEvent #39: $500 Pot-Limit Omaha101$50,000Derrick RoseCincinnati, OH$12,800 27-MayEvent #40: $400 NLH Survivor40$15,0004 winnersN/A$3,400 28-MayEvent #41: $400 NLH Survivor52$17,784Roland IsraelashviliForest Hills, NY$3,400 29-MayEvent #42: $600 NLH Monster Stack63$40,000Matthew HernandezAustin, TX$9,722 29-MayEvent #43: $400 NLH Bounty53$18,126Jeffry SchwartzGreendale, WI$3,892 1-JunEvent #44: $800 NLH Ultimate Stack525$362,250Eric PhillipsGlenview, IL$72,666 30-MayEvent #45: $600 Limit Omaha 8/B157$79,599John FahmyHopkinton, MA$16,319 30-MayEvent #46: $400 NLH Bounty67$22,914Konstantin PolinLas Vegas, NV$5,675 31-MayEvent #47: $400 NLH Survivor98$33,51611 winnersN/A$2,845 1-JunEvent #48: $1,100 Monster Bounty118$150,000Jose BritoPortugal$29,576 1-JunEvent #49: $400 NLH Survivor90$30,7809 winnersN/A$3,400 2-JunEvent #50: $800 Monster Stack143$100,100Michael AllenUnited Kingdom$28,527 2-JunEvent #51: $600 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty146$75,190Ronald MooreColona, IL$13,108 2-JunEvent #52: $600 NLH Survivor103$53,56010 winnersN/A$5,200 3-JunEvent #53: $600 NLH Monster Stack143$75,000Gary BlackwoodIreland$18,156 3-JunEvent #54: $600 NLH Bounty108$56,160Shengming LuoNew York, NY$9,238 4-JunEvent #55: $600 NLH Monster Stack174$88,740Melvin HeikkinenPainesdale, MI$18,350 4-JunEvent #56: $800 Pot-Limit Omaha 8/B246$172,938David WilsonColumbia, MO$32,180 5-JunEvent #57: $800 NLH Monster Bounty209$146,300Sergey SosnovskyBensalem, PA$20,727  Event #58: Mega Satellite      5-JunEvent #59: $600 NLH Bounty204$106,080Kevin GarosshenLas Vegas, NV$17,192  Event #60: Mega Satellite     

See the Venetian 2022 Championship Poker Series schedule here!

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