WSOP Spring Circuit: Ryan Plant, Evgenii Fidchuk, Zeping Lu, and “TheHumbleGodess” bring home rings

Second week of the World Series of Poker Spring Circuit intensified as the hunt for gold rings resulted in huge turnouts and numerous seven figure prize pools. Walking away rich and envied were Ryan “getplunted” Plant , Evgenii “moskal” Fidchuk , Zeping “Luoat” Lu, and “TheHumbleGodess”. All four champions also received a bundle of GGPoker prizes that included seats to the MILLIONAIRE MAKER and Tournament of Champions, both events happening live in Las Vegas this summer. While Asia has yet to bring in a win, Taiwanese player nicknamed “TTP_Poker” became the first to reach two final tables. 

Spring Circuit

WSOPC action continues at Natural8 – GGNet  with games running through April 17. Eleven rings have yet to be claimed. Qualifiers to the MAIN EVENT $5 Million guaranteed and MYSTERY BOUNTY event are underway. To date, over US$ 64.5 Million was paid out in combined ring events and side events. 

Festival results

Ring #1 – #7 prize pool: US$ 12,568,507
Cumulative entries: 45,886 (ring events)
Biggest event winner: Conor Beresford – US$ 728,028
Multiple final tables: “TTP_Poker”
Side events prize pool: US$ 51,983,431 (end of April 5)
Ring #1 winner: “Godofbaccarat” – BIG 500 NLH Spring Kickoff – US$ 325,684
Ring #2 winner: Conor Beresford – Super MILLION$ High Rollers – US$ 728,028
Ring #3 winner: Joachim Haraldstad – PLO Spring Championship – US$ 100,506

RYAN PLANT “getplunted” denies the big guns at Bounty Hunters NLH Spring Championship

The hunt for the fourth gold ring took place at the one million dollar guaranteed Bounty Hunters NLH Spring Championship. This was the first bounty event of the series and it was a crusher. 1,818 lit up the online felt, and at US$ 800 each, it built a handsome prize pool worth US$ 1,381,680. Down to five-handed, UK’s Ryan “getplunted” Plant came from way behind to run away with the ring and the US$ 53,990 first prize. In addition, he pocketed US$ 50,910 in bounty rewards to rack up a combined US$ 104,900 payday.

Screen Shot 2022 04 06 at 4.57.40 PMPhoto credit GGPoker

Based on Plant‘s GGNet and The Hendon Mob stats, this was his largest career takedown. Plant is no stranger to winning big events. In March 2020, he bested 3,050 players at the site’s GGMasters US$ 150 for a solid US$ 60,753. His network winnings climbed to over US$ 700.8K. Among the players Plant denied were Chinese high roller “T Thunderrain”, Brazilian head crusher Felipe Ketzer, network regular Yuhan “HansNevrLose” Liu (3rd), and Japan’s Kono “ReichasoGG” Reiji at victory’s door. Also at the final table was Canadian streamer Rayan “Beriuzy” Chamas who exited in 6th place. 

Buy in: US$ 800
Guarantee: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 1,818
Prize pool: US$ 1,381,680
ITM: 260 places 

Final table payouts (includes bounties)

1st Ryan “getplunted” Plant – UK – US$ 104,900
2nd Kono “ReichasoGG” Reiji – Japan – US$ 89,498
3rd Yuhan “HansNevrLose” Liu – China – US$ 49,163
4th Felipe Ketzer – Brazil – US$ 58,138
5th “T Thunderrain” – China – US$ 34,216
6th Rayan “Beriuzy” Chamas – Canada – US$ 26,257
7th Chak Yan Alfred “jomud9ahsorjai” Iu – Hong Kong – US$ 18,566
8th Mihai “TaKKino” Manole – Romania – US$ 25,202
9th “BomBA007” – Canada – US$ 12,582

EVGENII FIDCHUK “moskal” steals the gold at Bounty GIANT No Limit Hold’em

Jaw dropping victory for Evgenii “moskal” Fidchuk who overcame the bulldozing Nikita “maryc9” Pavlikov at the $315 Bounty GIANT No Limit Hold’em ring event.

Screen Shot 2022 04 07 at 1.17.40 AMEvgenii Fidchuk – Photo credit PokerNews – Alec Rome

Prior to heads up action, 2,597 entered for a guarantee smashing US$ 779,100 prize pool. At the final table, Taiwan’s “TTP_poker” was the only player back for a second visit, however was quickly sent packing by chip leader “maryc9” in 9th place. Next to go was Hong Kong’s “moonpoker” with “moskal” taking it all. After WSOPC ring holder Chin Wei “davidchien88” Chien missed his bid for a second title in 7th place, “moskal” knocked out Hong Kong’s “crazyplayman” for his second victim. From there, “maryc9” took charge, sending the next three players packing,  “IAlwaysHaveIt”, Wolfgang “Lockerl7199” Brugger, and Matas “NoWeyyy” Cikinas. This kicked off heads up with “maryc9” sitting on 137.6 BB and moskal with 24.6 BB. 

IMG 1929Photo credit GGPoker

Looking to close it out quick, maryc9 grinded down moskal to 11.5 BB when the first all in showdown was tabled. Moskal’s Ah4h rivered a flush, beating maryc9’s 4c4d on a board 3h6s8h8sQh. Eager to recoup the lost chips, maryc9 resumed attack mode and successfully shaved moskal down to 14.8 BB. However, like previous, the next showdown didn’t go maryc9’s way with 2h2d outdrawn by moskal’s Kc10c straight on the river. After that second boost, the momentum shifted. Moskal picked up a few sizable pots to take the lead and from there he never yielded. Moskal claimed his first ever WSOPC ring and US$ 31,524 first prize. In addition, he collected US$ 37,890 in bounties for a combined US$ 69,414 payday. 

Buy in: US$ 315
Guarantee: US$ 500,000
Entries: 2,597
Prize pool: US$ 779,100
ITM: 368 places

Final table payouts (includes bounties)

1st Evgenii “moskal” Fidchuk – Russia – US$ 69,414
2nd Nikita “maryc9” Pavlikov – Belarus – US$ 48,011
3rd Matas “NoWeyyy” Cikinas – Lithuania – US$ 24,616
4th Wolfgang “Lockerl7199” Brugger – Austria – US$ 22,455
5th “IAlwaysHaveIt” – Israel – US$ 19,506
6th “crazyplayman” – Hong Kong – US$ 11,549
7th Chin Wei “davidchien88” Chien – Taiwan – US$ 7,363
8th “moonpoker” – Hong Kong – US$ 7,998
9th TTP_poker – Taiwan – US$ 9,472

ZEPING LU “Luoat” bags the GIANT NLH for US$ 189,882

Screen Shot 2022 04 07 at 1.13.46 AMZeping Lu – Photo credit Venetian Poker Room blog

Asian American player Zeping “Luoat” Lu turned his $365 buy-in into a golden ring and a six figure payout of US$ 189,882 after winning the GIANT NLH event. Lu outlasted the burly 4,550 entry field, defeating streamer Andrii “BabyShark19” Kozlenko at heads up. This was Luoat’s biggest career score on GG to drive his total winnings to US$ US$ 330.9K.

IMG 1903Photo credit GGPoker

One of the champion’s game changing hands was at three handed when his 9h9c set held against Kozlenko’s KsQs nut flush draw. According to Luoat’s short profile entry, he considers himself to be a heads-up specialist who plays mid to high stakes MTTs. Luoat’s other accomplishments include a GGMasters $150 runner-up finish out of 3,662 players for US$ 50,735. For 2nd placer Kozlenko, his impressive run also earned him a network high US$ 106,777 payout, which may possibly be his first six figure score as well. To date, Kozlenko has around US$ 423.3K in GGNet winnings. 

Buy in: US$ 365
Guarantee: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 4,550
Prize pool: US$ 1,561,105
ITM: 548 places

Final table payouts 

1st Zeping “Luoat” Lu – USA – US$ 189,882
2nd Andrii “BabyShark19” Kozlenko – Ukraine – US$ 142,389
3rd “BoomBoomKaching” – Canada – US$ 106,777
4th Thales Koppe – Brazil – US$ 80,071
5th Maicon “21_Pirlo” Gasperin – Brazil – US$ 60,045
6th “Knightgeee” – Australia – US$ 45,027
7th “drunkbaby” – Ireland – US$ 33,765
8th “timkaa” – Liechtenstein – US$ 25,320
9th Jean “padrinn” Guimaraes – Brazil – US$ 18,988

“THEHUMBLEGODESS” wins MILLION$ Mini Main Event for US$ 106,308

Sunday at the races was all about “TheHumbleGodess” who clinched the MILLION$ Mini Main Event to turn $50 into a personal high score worth US$ 106,308. The highly affordable event was a huge crowd favorite with a thunderous 29,452 fueled across 60+ starting flights. Out of that massive turnout, only 3,808 players advanced to the final day, and only 3,000 of them gained a piece of the US$ 1,354,792 prize pool.

IMG 1895Photo credit GGPoker

At the final table, Brazilians were favored with five players in contention. However by three handed, four of them had already dropped out, leaving just TheHumbleGoddess to hold down the fort. TheHumbleGodess did not disappoint. The eventual champion amassed nearly two-thirds of the chips to play then breezed on to victory to give Brazil its first win. If that wasn’t spectacular enough, a few hours prior, TheHumbleGodess was already in celebration mode after having won the GGMasters Bounty $300 event for US$ 52,846. That momentum carried into the Mini Main to bring home a six figure payout and the coveted WSOPC ring. TheHumbleGodess is nearing the US$ 300K mark in GGNet winnings. 

Buy in: US$ 50
Guarantee: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 29,452
Prize pool: US$ 1,354,792
ITM: 3,000 places

Final table payouts 

1st “TheHumbleGodess” – Brazil – US$ 106,308
2nd “iamvakavaka” – Taiwan – US$ 79,718
3rd “fake polski” – Poland – US$ 59,780
4th Renan “YETYETZP” Pezzette – Brazil – US$ 44,829
5th “IgotHighGrnd” – Brazil – US$ 33,617
6th “Polboy” – Luxembourg – US$ 25,209
7th “teashow” – Austria – US$ 18,904
8th “ElPowwzin” – Brazil – US$ 14,176
9th “Pego Blinds” – Brazil – US$ 10,630

Exclusive Natural8 LiveX Sponsorships

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Screen Shot 2022 03 25 at 10.38.44 PM

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Author: Justin Graves