Top 6 Reasons to play Luckyland Slots

Top 6 Reasons to play Luckyland Slots

Luckyland Slots

Want to play a selection of free slots, whilst having the chance to win real cash prizes? Now you have the chance to do just that!

However, there are more reasons for you to play Luckyland Slots, and some that you might have not even realised!

Here are the top 6 reasons you should indulge yourself into the slots at Luckyland Slots:

1. Win REAL cash prizes

40 unique custom-made slots, a variety of games, this is just one of the reasons why you should play Luckland Slots.

However, what is the best reason to play?

As Luckyland Slots works as a sweepstakes casino, you can win real cash prizes with the use of your sweeps coins. With the sweepstakes model, you can buy gold coins and you are able to get sweeps coins – which is an in-game currency.

When you collect and obtain sweeps coins, once you have gained 50 sweeps coins, you are now able to redeem them for real cash prizes.

With the extra incentive of being able to play all the games for free, why not jump in and start playing today?

2. Two Coins, Win Both

Now you know that you can win real cash prizes, but how do you win gold and sweeps coins?

For the ability to win gold coins and sweeps coins, for endless first-time experience with the Luckyland Slots, these are the ways to win:

Across the social media profile for Luckyland Slots, you should be on the eye out for giveaways for the chance to win big.

When you’re on the eye out for giveaways, you have the chance to win sweeps coins – which is the first step for you to be able to win real cash prizes.

Logging into Luckyland Slots each days gives you the advantage to win even more.

You have a chance to win sweeps coins which can be accumulated and used to win real cash prizes, what could be better?

With the potential of winning the sweeps coins, you can have the potential to cash these out for real money prizes. It couldn’t be easier; you just need to log in each day!

Buy Gold Coins, Win Sweeps Coins

Want to accumulate coins which you can then use them to play additional unique games on Luckyland? Now, you can! Just buy gold coins and play all games.

Whether it’s slots or table games, enjoy continuous play with the use of gold coins. The bonus is that when you buy gold coins, you have the chance of winning sweeps coins with your purchase.

From your gold coin purchase, once you have gained your sweeps coins, you can accumulate them until you receive 100 sweeps coins – now you’ll be able to redeem them for real cash prizes.

3. Play ALL games free

From the first instance that you create an account, you now have instant access to play all the games which are included in Luckyland Slots.

With access to over 40 custom-made, unique games to choose from, why not join to play today and understand its increasingly popular within those who play social casinos.

Beating other casinos because other every game is developed in-house, creating a first-time and unique experience for the players for those adventuring into the home of Luckyland Slots.

Luckyland Slots

4. Available in ALL US States

Something which isn’t possible in ALL US States, right?

For luckyland slots, you can play more than 40 unique games all for free, legal across all 52 states.

When you’re playing Luckyland Slots, you now have the option to win real cash prizes, and its legal across the United States – so why not play today?

All you need to do to redeem your prizes is obtain 50 sweep coins – and the real cash prize is yours!

5. Home or Away – Play Wherever

Whether your home or away, you now have the chance to be able to play the Luckyland social casino wherever you may be.

Desktop, mobile, and every device in between, you can now experience the social casino gaming experience right from your fingertips.

Across all your devices, you can enjoy simultaneous play, picking up with the gold coins and sweeps coins you picked up from your previous gaming session.

So, why not join and collect your sweep coins wherever you decide to play?

Aztec Quest

6. First-Time Experiences

Made in-house by Luckyland Slots, creating a first-time experience across 40 custom-made slots.

So, how do you get involved?

Once you’re ready to enjoy this first-time experience, all you need to do is create an account and start playing today!

Now you’re involved in the luckyland slots experience, what slots can you expect? Some of the slots, however not limited to, are:

So why not jump in and have your hand at the huge array of slots which are offered, whilst enjoying the thrill of variance – all for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Win at Luckyland Slots?

Through the different slots, you have the chance to win, two currencies, gold coins and sweeps coins – with sweeps, you can use them to win real cash prizes.

Through the variety of unique slots and games, and with over 40 custom-built slots to choose from, you can win in-game currencies and have a unique gaming experience at the same time.

Can I play Luckyland Slots for real money?

As Luckyland Slots is a social casino, you are unable to play the slots for real money.

However, although it may not be possible to win real money, you are able to save your sweeps coins and redeem the coins for real cash prizes.

What devices can you play Luckyland Slots on?

From your desktop to your mobile devices, you can play and continue your experience of slots wherever you may be.

Although there aren’t any dedicated apps for Luckyland Slots, you are able to continue playing without any interruptions, across the devices you own.

Can you really win money on Luckyland Slots?

Yes, you are able to win real money when playing on Luckyland Slots!

When playing the collection of slots which are jam-packed within the arsenal, you are able to win Sweeps coins.

When you obtain sweeps coins, this will enable you to save your coins and introduce the chance to redeem them for real money prizes!

Through more than 40 slots to choose from, you have the potential to win Sweeps coins, which gets you to closer to the ultimate real cash prize.

Through the game play and other methods of gaining sweeps coins, you will be able to redeem your prize sooner than you think!

What are Sweeps Coins on Luckyland Slots?

In addition to gold coins, Sweeps Coins are an in-game currency, although they work slightly differently – although you could win both coins within the slots.

Whilst you’re playing the slots, mailing in, with the sign-up bonus and other methods of gaining sweeps cons, you can grow and obtain your balance.

Once you have reached 50 sweeps coins, now you can win real cash prizes through the sweepstakes promotion!

What are Gold Coins on Luckyland Slots?

Similarly, to Sweeps Coins, Gold Coins are an in-game currency which you can use, win, and collect within your Luckyland Slots account.

Although the gold coins have no monetary value, you can have awarded them by Luckyland Slots directly or choosing the purchase them.

If you’re wanting even more gameplay, you can use the gold to play, and win those prizes!

Is Luckyland Slots Legal?

As a social casino, Luckyland Slots offers a sweepstakes model.

For the players in the US and Canada, Luckyland Slots enables sweeps coins to be redeemed for cash prizes.

For the redemption of Sweeps Coins for cash prizes, Luckyland Slots ensures that the model is safe and secure.

Through this model, Luckyland Slots adheres to the laws in the jurisdictions in which they operate within, those for states and provinces in the United States and Canada.

Ensuring that you can have fun at the comfort of your own home, Luckyland Slots sweepstakes technology adheres to all existing Sweepstakes law in the USA.

Is Luckyland Slots rigged?

No, Luckyland Slots isn’t rigged. Similarly, to other casino games, there is an advantage with knowledge, experience, and skill.

This is where you can have the advantage over other people for your chance to win a variety of games.

Author: Justin Graves